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DEER, DEER, and DEER Oh My!! --pics

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Well, more deer ham smoking. Getting it ready for a food day at work here tomorrow. My co-worker supplied the meat. And there's nothing better than getting to smoke it while i'm at work. PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif It's just out the front overhead door and the smoke is drifting through the building. Oh so wonderful. Here are a few pics - Enjoy!!
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Excellent! Would you mind explaining how you prepared these?

My brother bagged a deer last weekend, and we could use some ideas.

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sure, soaked it overnight in - 2 pkgs onion soup mix, 1/4 c liquid smoke, 1/4 C vinegar and water to cover. Pulled it out this morning and cut slits in it to get the bacon and garlic down in it. Then, covered it in Tony Chacherys Cajun seasoning. And onto the smoker. Not a whole lot to it.
Before hand it was soaked in saltwater to removed blood.
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Thanks, bud! That sounds as good as it looks.

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Oh DEER! You are one lucky bastage to be doing that at work!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yah, I didn't think my boss would let but he said "sounds good to me!" ok then.
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That sure does sound and look wonderful.
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MMmam thffss immsm gsghaosdmmmm m.. m m.m mm ansdhatad .............. mm sthgo mdahg ................

sorry had my mouth full. This is good.
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Nice use of the tailgate too!
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What a job! Ya'll need help over there? sure looks good.
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Looks good! The guys must really be happy and full!
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Thanks everyone. Yes it is very good. There is not much left and it's only 0845.
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Mmmm That does look good!!
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mmmmmmmmmmmmm venison....
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