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Alright, I took some pics. Here they are:

In case you don't remember, here is the link to my intro, and specs:


Almost looks stock, eh?
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Looks like it's gonna work Shane! Have you tried it yet?
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nascar requires a restrictor plate on a setup like that........eek.gif

nice setup..........

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Looks great!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Just tried it Friday. Had a few issues, fan melted, ran out of propane, was prepared with another tank, but didn't notice right away. Smoked a 3lb brisket turned out very good, yummy. Used Store bought hickory chips and cherry chunks from my own cherry tree prunins.
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Justa thought... might be better off with the fire box below the cook box. Nice setup tho :{)
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I thought of that too, but the side burner is right there to keep the wood going. The heat escaping from the main grill pulls the smoke right in. Had a fan in the duct, but it quit at about 6 hour mark. Am looking for an alternative fan for cold smokin.
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