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turkey tit.......i take it you are doing a breast...........easy enuff......but i haven't done mite need to brine it.......some one will be along soon to help

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I would make sure you keep the temp at 300 or higher. As far as stuffing the bird, I wouldn't unless you plan on using high smoking temp as well.
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Good lord, why couldn't I see that coming??? PDT_Armataz_01_34.giftongue.gif
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turkey tit

Yes...a friend stopped by earlier with a huge turkey breast. I wasn't planning on cooking turkey cuz it's really not one of my favorite meats...but the kiddo loves it and I thought it might be a fun experiment. I don't have a thermometer so I guess I'll need to grab one tomorrow...and a few ingredients for brining. If anyone has a recipe suggestion I am open minded.
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Whole bird. I have a 3.5gal bucket with lid to brine over night.
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LMAO TERRY..........sorry.........i just couldn't help it......but i should play IS the holidays........SHAME on me

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sorry vic, i was replying to sharpi, and i didn't say who i was bad...........bout the breast


****........and i just said i was going to play nice........LOL

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I don't even think its possible for U d00d!icon_lol.gif
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[quote=sharpi;When life makes you deal with mean and hateful people, think of them as sandpaper. They may scratch you and rub you the wrong way but eventually you will be smooth and polished and the sandpaper will be worn and ugly.[FONT=Impact]
Very good point. I thank you. icon_wink.gif Sorry about the print, I don't know what happened?[/font]
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terry........she's good people.......known here for several years from another site

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I would not even consider doing a stuffed turkey low and slow! That's looking to get sick IMHO.

Hey there Sharpi long time no see!
Go here parts is parts same as whole just smaller and cook quicker.
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thanks everyone

I really appreciate the feedback 300-350 it is. I'll be doing a 13lb. this year

Now here's another question. I can't remember if I put it right on the grill last time and kept a drip pan underneath or stuck it in a roast pan in the smoker. I'm leaning to right on the grill.

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I was gonna say hopefully only the smoker has smoke but D88DE beat me to it. I would also say an oven has less moidture unless you add a wayer pan which is done sometimes.
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I was also wondering how to go about that?
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You two are quite the smartie pants. icon_lol.gif My original intent was that the oven temp at 350 and smoker temp at 350, would cook the bird the same. icon_wink.gifrolleyes.giftongue.gif Debi, WD, sometimes I say well, and then again I just don't know......... icon_biggrin.gif
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If you want to cook the field bird at a higher temp, just look in any cookbook (Betty Crocker is a good one), and follow the directions for cooking a turkey. The only difference is you are cooking it in a smoker with smoke, instead of the oven. Temps are temps. The turkey wont know if it's in an oven or smoker.

Use the time and temp recommended in the cookbook for the size turkey you have, but by all means ( and I stress this)!, go by the temp of the bird.

Good Luck!
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I want to say what Im thankful for. Im thankful for this website, you saved the day. My bird was perfect and i have all of you to thank for it. THANK YOU !!!!!!
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Here's why I put a pan under the bird but still put the bird on the grate! Lots of juices to make gravy!

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