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11-17-07 Smoke

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Two Pastrami and two roasts.

On the grill with a fatty added.

Fatty done.

One of the roasts done.

What was left of the Pastrami!
All in all the turned out great. I would also like to thank deejaydebi for her Pastrami reciepe on her site.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great Job! Sure looks good!PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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WOW, that looks great! What kind of roast was that?
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They were rump roasts they had on sale here. The pastrami conversion was easy thanks to Deb.
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Looks pretty lean, did it turn out tough? I'm just asking because I did a bottom roast a while back that was really lean and it turned out kinda of tough and chewy. Yours looks a lot better than mine did.
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Great job again Blake, the pastrami was very tasty.
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Wow, that looks awesome!

Hey, I'm right up the road from you in Newark, DE... I thought I smelled something coming from the southerly direction!
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No it wasn't tough at all. I cooked one for my father-in-law just the same and he said he loved it.He can't have salt so I rubbed with Mrs. Dash's steak seasoning.
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Thanks Hawg maybe someday we will MEAT. LOL
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