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CharGriller Handle Mod

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For all you CG owners out there, if you are suffering from the agony of CAHS (Cheap Assed Handle Syndrome), you'll be happy to know there is a cure!

We all know how those crummy wooden sticks they provide us as stock handles just splinter, chip and fall apart... they just aren't all that heat resistant, especially at the firebox. Here's how I fixed that problem:

I did this mod several months ago, so it is track tested and works great! I used two 6" chrome spring handles - one on the chamber lid and one on the SFB lid. I removed the handle brackets, from the lid(s) and drilled bigger holes where the wood handles mounted. I then flipped the brackets 180º and remounted them on the lid(s).

I cut two lengths of 3/8" threaded rod to support the new handles. Using 4 hex nuts ea., I mounted the handle(s) as shown in the above picture. Viola! No more heat and no more splinters! Plus, there is a high BLING factor...

I got the spring handles from http://www.cookersandgrills.com/our_products.html - scroll to the bottom of the page. They say the handles accept a 1/2" rod, but they don't... go with a smaller rod.

Hope this helps!
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Another nice mod, you should be selling your mod ideas to Chargriller !!!

The handle on mine was allready split when I purchased it new, I cut an oak dowel that was the right thivkness and stained it to match. I like your fix much better.
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LOL! Thanks!

I think I posted something on this awhile back, but never got into detail with how I did it. Now that we have a bunch of new folks around with the CG, I figured that being this is one of the first things to break, this would be very helpful.
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Nice mod, your sure keeping me busy, I did your thermometer probe mod yesterday, now i'm going to order some springs.
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Just trying to keep you occupied... eek.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Glad you like the mods!
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Pop Pa Phil.......you da man! If I had a chargriller I would use your mod, but I think it would work on anything with a handle like that like say a...... ECB lid handle and body handle for the ECB also. Thanks, Paul
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