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Smoking Fresh Ham Qs

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I'm gonna smoke some fresh hams Weds. They have not been cured. I was thinking about injecting 1st with maple and other ingredients. Ok, I've been looking up smoking fresh hams and most talk about a curing process for weeks. I only have a couple of days. Will it matter? What should I inject?

I appreciate any input!!! I have a few people counting on me.

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Bumping for info.....
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Don't have much experience with fresh hams........but here is a little info on it if you did not find this in your searching.

Good luck. I am sure some one will pop in and help (Yeah, I know you know that. LOL)
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What outcome are trying to gain by injection?

Just flavor like everything else?
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Hi gypc,
I have cooked fresh hams in the past, they come out more like pulled pork than ham if you do not brine them. It's the the brining process that gives that "Hammy Taste". If you are injecting them for flavor go for it. Smoke it like you would a shoulder or a butt. Take it to around 165° for slicing. or go whole hog and take it to 200 for pulling.
Like I said with out processing the ham it will taste more like sliced/pulled pork.
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If they aren't cured, they they will taste like a pork roast or pork butt, but with less fat to make them moist. I'd inject them to add flavor and moisture. You could brine overnight, but IMO they need to be injected too.
Good luck with your smoke and take pictures for us please.
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My first fresh ham

I bought a 22 lb fresh bone in ham last week. It was been in a brine of apple juice, white wine, water (to equal 2 gallons) 2 cups sea salt, 1 cup honey, 1 cup mollasses, handfuls of cumin, touches of clove, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, 7 or so bay leaves, a bunch of garlic cloves, around a 1/2 lb fresh tarragon, and black pepper (it think thats it).

My best guess so far is that it may need as long as 18 or so hours @ 200-225. I have seen time/# suggestions anywhere from 30 min - 1.5 hours. 22# ham at 1.5/# = 33 hours......this would be crazy! (I hope it not right).
I also feel that only about 12 hours may be ok.

Does any body think that is a good estimate? or have a better suggestion.

Is your ham bone in? Whenever I smoke something for the first time, I like to plan a few hours window for before it will be eaten. This allows you to simply cook it until its done. That being said I will start mine wednesday late afternoon-ish.
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how long have you been brining it?
Don't want to get bone sour!
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5 days so far....have you had that problem?
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Hey everyone..........thanks so much for the info. I'll be starting these Tues night and smoke'm low and slow until Weds night. I will be injecting the hams with a maple syrup, brown sugar and soy sauce mix. And bbq sauce on the outside!! Yumm!!!!!

I will take some pics. I've smoked hams before but never fresh so I'll let ya know the outcome!!!

Again thanks,
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Sounds like you got a plan!

(I probably shouldn't admit this)
No I was a big a beef eater for along time and didn't know any better.
and expanding to pork....
I wanted to smoke a ham for the first time and went to the butcher.
I told them I wanted a ham for smoking, The best you got. I said.
They asked me if I wanted a fresh ham, Sure! I replied. I thought it was like seafood and fresh meant not frozen. I didn't have time to wait on it to thaw.PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
So the butcher brings this enormous 22lb packed fresh ham.PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif
I didn't even know if was going to fit in smoker! ( I had to trim it after all)
I figured "ham" was a certain cut and that's why is was pink.
well after a long smoke and the temp was right I brought the ham inside after letting it rest, I cut into monster chunk of pig and it was white.
&%$@ I just cooked 22lb pork chop! Non the less it was good and there was allot of it. I fed all my neighbors
So I did some research and discovered to get a true ham you have to cure it.

Okay everyone can stop laughing now!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Since that learning experience, I cure and smoke my own hams now. They keep getting better and better. Getting quite proficient at it too.
They are the best hams I have ever had!
Got one for T-DAY!
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That is a great story. LOL
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