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thats what it means to me DJ........with does, i turn the front quarters into jerky and the rest summer sausage and ring bologna

i am not much of a venison eater.......just jerky and sausage

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I hear ya D88de! I never cared much for steaks but I've learned that spices and milk do wonders for free meat! I think venison makes the BEST jerky though!
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Yes Debi,a jerky deer is usually a doe that just happens to show itself for easy killing.Any deer can be a jerky deer,usually a dumb one.
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Ah I see! I am looking forward to gettting back to hunting and fishing down there when I transplant myself on your back door! PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Debi,I could use a new huntin buddy,mine are all grizzly looking like me and after huntin for a few days they get to smellin bad.Had a good time at deer camp last week,ate good and drank good.Both evenings I went up it was just warm enough to build a good fire and sit around it and drink whiskey.
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