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Meat Season

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This is an event for me every year.Meat season is upon me.Tomorrow is the first day of deer season here in WV.By tomorrow evening I will likely have several deer to process.This time of year is so special to me cause its a time to gather.I will surely be blessed to be in the company of friends and family who I rarely get to spend time with.Sharpen the knives,open the spirits,and pull a cork.I've got pork to work up this week also,maybe 350 to 400 lbs.worth.Damn I sure do like sausages.
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kewl......you AND mossy mo...........he has mentioned this coming up 4 day weekend, is HIS processing weekend......you BOTH will be werking your lil asses off.......... q-view please

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fun times ahead david cant wait to see the pics good luck
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Your post is a mirror image of my thoughts. Our deer are deboned and ground, our sausage making weekend starts Wednesday night !!!
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deer season

icon_cry.gif first time in my 47 years i goot skunked. what a drag 2 days before season i put my back out couldnt walk for a wk .and to top that off i got a sinis infection that killing me . hope my friends need my smoker this year.wink.gif
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Alright David! Sounds like a wonderful time wish I could be there with you folks! You know I am in spirit dear friend!

Big Hugs to all!
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Sorry to hear about you back and sinuses Bill. That really stinks! Maybe you recover before it over - good luck!
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Hey Bill, If it wasn't so far, I would bring you some deer. The rut is starting here. On the way in tonight, I saw 3 bucks chasing does. Neighboring ranch killed a 150 buck and a college kid on this lease arrowed a 6 X 4 this afternoon. This 50 sections is all low fence with no suplimental feeding program. I am ready. I have my freezers almost full and am just waiting for ol big boy.
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I'm ashamed to say I missed my chance at a good one this afternoon.
I was goofing off, talking on the phone to some friends in Texas......wondering around in the back yard. (deer hunting)
Sure enough, across the road in front of the house were 5 does and a nice buck.
By the time I got off the phone, got my rifle out...dashed through the house to get to the front yard, they were out of my range.

Tomorrow, I will sit on the front porch. PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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Put down the phone and step away.
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Hey cowgirl, don't be ashamed of that, just be glad that you live in such a wonderful place. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Tommorrow will bring a bigger buck. (a 30 point bucksmile.gif )
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LOL...good advice goat.
I did go out Saturday evening and hunted in the sand hills....it was so beautiful out. sigh
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I do feel lucky......I really like getting out in the sand hills or down on the river.....it's so peaceful.cool.gif
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I have 8 pheasants, a forked buck, a buck with nubs and 4 doe in the freezer. Hopefully over X-mas I put a few more pheasant in the freezer.....

Good luck to the rest of you, I hate the cold but this is my favorite time of the year !!!
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A little boy killed the buck that cowgirl let get away. Jeezzzz, you have some BIG deer in OK.
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goat.........would that be considered non-typical? not the count......but some of the tines are non-typical

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Yes, that is a non-typical.
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Yep, that's the one goat. He went right past my front yard. LOL!
(I wish)icon_mrgreen.gif
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Well I went out Monday morning to my fav spot but alas no bucks,so I shot a jerky deer.Monday night a friend brought a nice 6 point and gave to me.Went out yesterday,it was 70 deg with high winds and the deer were hunkered down tight,never even saw one deer.I still have Fri and Sat which I will hunt hard.My huntin spot is on the way home from work so Ill hunt after work everyday next week.Id like to have at least 40 of 50 lbs to mix with beef and pork to make sausages.We like to can as much as possible and of course Ill make plenty of jerky for the children.I have to hide some if the wife and I want any cause those little buggers will eat it up as quick as I can make it.
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To friend you got there hon! What a jerky deer? Is it just used to make jerky or is it old or something?

Happy Thanksgiving hon! Hugs to the family!
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