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Saving beef drippings

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After ladling off most of the fat, I have a full quart mason jar of good drippings. I used my food saver to pull a vacuum, and seal it, and then stored it in the fridge.
How long will it keep like that?...Is there a better way?...Freezing?

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This may sounds weird but ... it's handy none the less

I like to put meat drippings in ice cube trays and freeze them solid then put them in bags and save them that way. When you want a quick gravy or something you grab how ever many you want and thaw it out. 4 cubes will make enough gravy for a few plates of mashed taters.
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course i knew that.......eheheh

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Fantastic idea, I just gotta go buy some ice trays now. I don't think my wife would want a bouillon dispenser in the door of her fridge.icon_biggrin.gif
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Awesome idea!
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Hey Debi, I will have to get me some extra ice cube trays.
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Better get them quick before the demand drives the prices up.. actually that is a very practical idea... but then consider the source.
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I almost didn't post this cuz my friends used to make fun of me for doing it. I did it out of neccessity because I didn't have much money when my boy was little and it helped make nice meals - they thought I was just being cheap and didn't want to buy canned gravy (ewww) which I didn't but not because I was cheap.
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Deb, I almost didn't ask the question, cuz I thought it might have been stupid,...who saves drippings? Now I know, people like us icon_cool.gif
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Moms ROCK! I certainly miss mine... Glad you risked the jabs. Great tip!
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"friends" will always make fun a ya cause ya rock... i never even thoughtof that- thanx for the idea.and if nothing else though them out & simmer for a bloody mary( see i got skills too-lol)brisket simmerins fer the bloody mary,.
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