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Newbie in Kentucky

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Hi, My name is Gene and I am new to this.

About two weeks ago, I started talking about having a turkey smoked for thanksgiving. A few days ago my wife ask if I could just do it myself.
I got to reading on the net and ended up here. All the info here convinced me I could do my own smoker.

The smoke chamber will be a New Holland grill I do not use because of how it cooks the food.
The firebox will be a Grand Gourmet portable smoker grill I bought new last night.

I should have it all assembled in a couple hours and will do a pork loin roast today as my first attempt.

I will post some pictures later today.
Thanks for all the great info on the site.

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Welcome aboard Gene, glad you found us! Good luck with that turkey, keep us posted on the progress!
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Welcome to the SMF PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you and see ya round.
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Sound's interesting Gene, look forward to the pic'
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Welcome to SMF Gene! Glad you were able to find us. Cant wait to see the smoker and remember to post pics of the finshed product!

Again, welcome!
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Welcome to the site Gene, your going to love it here.
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Welcome Gene:

You are jumping right in and that is a good sign. Sounds like you will be up to speed quickly. Reading through the Thread that is appropriate for the type meat you want to smoke, is a great way to get your feet on the ground. There will always be many examples of other people's activities and you can use that for a guide. Asking question ahead of time is another good way to generate lots of suggestions and advice.

It is hard to completely ruin a piece of meat. So just have fun. And, in a worst case scenario, just eat the evidence. wink.gif

Enjoy yourself and let us see your results.

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Hello Gene, and welcome to the SMF. Pescadero did an excellent job of welcoming you, and giving you some great tips. What more can i say...
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Welcome to SMF! Remember you need to keep the temps up for the "golden crispy skin" so prized on the T-Day bird. From what I see 'round here 275's a min., some going as high as 350. I'm wondering <since you don't post a pic of the rig ya are putting together> if you'll be able to maintain that temp..or higher.
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Here is the link to the thread with my DIY smoker and first smoke with q-view.

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welcomefrom another"kaintuck"
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Welcome to SMF...good to see another KY face around here. Glad you found your way to our little slice of heaven!
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