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The defence was a good match overall to O's offence.

So the MU D usually allows a back to rush for 229 yards?wink.gif

PLEASE step into the the next century with your new coach and tactics. Sheesh.[/quote]

Whats wrong with old school smash mouth football?
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Sooo where's the 40 points usually associated with such? I had no problem with the overall defence.

It ain't working outside the Big Ten any more. Or the Pro central either. The game has changed. I love it, but it's time has past.
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The game has changed but what makes Tress a great coach is he adjust his offense to what his team can do. Last year OSU ran a lot of the spread offense with Smith, Ginn and Gonzales and even this year they have. But with a first year QB and a back like Wells there was really no choice but to be a smash mouth running team, especially on Saturday given the field conditions nobody was going to pass much in weather like that.
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