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but its glazed deb.......which......i believe raises the temp point..........isn't it glazed?

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Ceramics are fired at temp ranges around 2100*F to 2300*F, depending on the mix of clays, minerals, etc. it is made of...

However, the melting point of the ceramics would be MUCH higher, again dependent upon the mix...

In reality, the cast iron would become molten at a much lower temp than the ceramic...
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Yep, that's the one...
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Just a follow up . I tried soaking the chips/chunks in a mix of water and Wild Turkey for about 30 mins. made a glaze of brown sugar honey and you guessed it Wild turkey.
A breif side note. I am new to the art of smoking, I dont own a smoker. So I used my old trusty grill. You know the cheap 30 dollar one from dollar general with the flip up lid , non adjustable height grilling surface.
Anyway. I placed all my coals on one side. made a heat deflector from Hd foil. placed the ham in it and glazed it liberally. let smoke for about 4.5 hours. I dont know the temp. I did open the lid a few times to glaze some more. The ham weighed about 8 lbs. was precooked and turned out pretty darn good if I say so myself. Next i plan to smoke some deer roast. When I do i'll let you know how they do.
Oh and thanks for all the suggestions it gave something to work with.
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