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Getting ready for Turkey day.

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I know it says turkey and I posted under pork.
That is because I am smoking a ham.
Practicing with a cheaper ham to see how everything turns out. If all goes good I will put the more expensive ham on later in the week.
I also have a 9.9lb butt on as well as a 5lb chuck roast.
Q-view coming.
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I smoked a spiral ham several years ago and it turned out wonderful.
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Practice makes perfect... or at least great Q!
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what i LOVE bout get to EAT your mistakes

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I like to cure my own hams. It's a easy process just some brine and a injection. The only thing is the wait.
I have a 8lb boston boston curing and will be ready wedsday to smoke. I've done some precooked, but they're not just the same. Either way they are both good!
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Ok, everything is done now. The Ham is ok.....I have had better. I think I used a little to much smoke for it, since it was already smoked anyway. Also think I should have used a slightly sweeter rub but, hey, that is what this whole thing was about seeing what I needed to do.
Ham and all meats were rubbed with yellow mustard. The ham and butt were then coated with the same rub, one I made. The chuck roast was soaked in an orange basalmic vinegar along with some beer. This was done since all act as natural tenderizers. The roast was then coated with the same rub as the rest. Everything was smoked with a combo of hickory and cherry. Total time for everything was near the 12 hour mark.
Made a couple abt's as well. So here it is.


Ham is done.

Ham sliced open.

Chuck roast

Pork butt.


And that is all folks. I will still try the other ham and impart less smoke and go with something a little sweeter as for the rub. I will also use a honey glaze.
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Sure looks good!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Dam straight. excellent
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nice job...........i bet that chuck woulda sliced up for some nice italian sandwichs..........or po' boys

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Thanks for the compliments. Walking I cooked the chuck to long to slice. When I grabed it, it fell apart. Kinda the way I wanted though. It was all very good. icon_mrgreen.gif
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That all looks good. I love smoking beef roasts for shredded beef sammies.
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Looks good!
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NICE Smoke!!! Everything looks Great..
Nice to see another Silver smoker doing its thing..
I like where you have your 2 extra thermos on the smoker. I have been going to do that with mine I have just bee too lazy
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Thanks Seaham. Its not hard at all to put those thermo's on. Actually the easiest mod of all.
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