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i believe they are sold at Home Hardware as well, just look in the electrical section... home depot has them as well....

if u cant find these particular ones u could use cord seal connectors which are basically the same except they tighten around the object inside of the connector as u tighten it
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Hey HAwg..if the rubber don't hold out <my only question due to heat> Scrape it out and fill connector with Hi temp silicone with a oil coated pencil thru it. Slip out the pencil after silicone is cured, and there ya go.
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Yeah, I don't know how the rubber will hold up, but I think it will be okay. It was designed for outdoor nasties, so I'm hoping it will hold up. If not, that's a great idea Rich... Thanks!
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Thanks Hawg ... I'll let you know how I make out.
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Well, I found the connector at our Home Depot ... we have to buy a package with 2 in it for a mere $6.62 CDN ... so, I decided to wait until Xmas when we go to Oshkosh to visit my wife's daughter and buy one there. I won't need it until the spring 'cause my offset is at the lake not at home ... no hurry!
Thanks for the offer of sending one though Hawg ... much appreciated!
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I use a cork I found at a garage sale, 10 for .25, and cut a slot down the length to the middle. It works great for me.

You could drill a hole in the middle big enough to allow the probe to go through, and for multiple probes maybe drill a 5/16" or 3/8" hole. Hope this helps anyone. Pop a cork on a bottle of wine.
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Me Too

Gramason bought me one and I got another. Now I just have to mount them to the smokers.Great idea and thanks.
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Nice post! I've been lookin' for something to put my thermocouples through. One of them is 1/4" thick due to the stainless armour. I think I'll try what you did with larger diameters. Also, I need to be able to cut the seal in half because one of my sensors has an oven clip; so it's really big, and the cable is small. Think it would still seal as 2 halves?
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Goop it with the Hi-temp silicone I mentioned earlier to re-join.
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Neat idea Hawg aren't those things galvinaized though?
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Oh my God! ... I think Mom is right! icon_exclaim.gif

Edit: Irrelevant works for me!
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Irrelevant. The whole galv thing is moot at the temps smoking is done. Just don't allow food contact, and don't use it for a fire grate. I posted a few references on this a while back. I'll see if I can dig 'em up.
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