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150 Pound Turkey Smoke

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Last week turkey was on sale for 58 cents a pound so we told friends and relatives if you want a turkey smoked we are smoking turkey on Saturday and for them to pick up what they wanted smoked and bring it to us thawed Wednesday. We ended up getting ten 13 to 16 pound turkeys and put the turkeys into the brine Wednesday. Two of the turkey my wife; Tatonka3A2 injected; one with roasted garlic & herb and the other with cajun hot ‘n spicy butter.

I have smoked 6 turkeys a few times before, 10 is a new record for us !!!

Going to smoke them for an hour and a half at 130º, then an hour and a half at 150º, then another hour and a half at 170º; after this I will back off on the smoke and turn up the smoker to 200º until the internal bird temp reaches about 162º or 163º.

Here are a few pictures of my winter rig and it loaded up with a long days turkey smoke. The smoker I have snuggled up in between the garage and the shed with a solid fence right behind it, I can smoke keeping constant temps in the winter even if it is -20º outside.

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Thats cool. What kind of smoker is that? Other than BIG!
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I'll admit it..I was hoping to see pix of a 150 Lb turkey! LOL! Impressive Marty!
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Here is a link from Roll Call from when I joined SMF that describes my home made 7 foot stainless steel smoker - http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ead.php?t=5311
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nice smoker do you use a hot plate for your heat source damn nice smoker i want one
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I use propane, to keep the temps low when I want I have a regulator hooked up to the propane line. If you notice the green regulator in the upper left of the picture mounted to my garage wall.
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Love the smoker!
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Where are the Wing Tags (or Toe Tags) to indicate who's bird is who's? LOL ..... Looks like 1 big flock of turkey strutted into the wrong neighborhood! NICE set up, the family will be raving about the birds well into the New Year.
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Your right, I good mortician or smoker doesn't forget the toe tags !!!

I have no idea, thats my wifes job to keep them straight !!! She tells me she knows whos is whos. My job is applying the smoke and of coarse carving and nibbling !!!
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Thanks Mossy...........I think. Now I want one, man that is one NICE smoker!
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You had me going there Mossy! I thought you had a 150 pound bird too! That would be a scarey thing! Looking great I love that smoker! It's so kewl!

Sure wouldn't mine trying those roasted garlic & herb and the cajun hot ‘n spicy butter turkeys Yummmmmmmmmmmm!
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Debi I think that smoker would hold a 150lb. bird easy. LOL
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Great Smoker ... Give that thing a good workout this weekend ... You'll probably want "pulled pork" for supper this evening ...icon_mrgreen.gif
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We are warming up the smoker before our traditional venison processing weekend as both my wife and I have 4 days off from work over Thanksgiving. 4 days of smoking, kind of sounds like heaven doesn't it !!!
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Yes it does Mossy ... Yes it does.
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Oh Yea! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Are you gonna flip those birds any time during the smoke ? Just wondering ...
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I have never flipped them in the past, just smoke them to temp breast up. Is flipping them recommended?
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Honestly I'm not sure. Although I have heard of them being flipped. I have not used the method ... my reason for asking.
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Sweet, I mean smoke that looks great. I am jealous!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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