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As I said in a previous post mine didn't have them but I had to go to Montgomery today (about 45 miles) to the VA so went on Lowes site yesterday and shopped that store, they had them, ordered on line and picked up 2 today. So if you have errand to run in a near by town, shop them online and lock in the sale .
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Just came from my Lowe's here in Kingwood TX. I got 3 at $9.99 ea! There were seven on the rack and I had to stop myself from buying them all. I just loaded up the batteries and tried one of them out. This is a much nicer unit than my Maverick and I payed four times as much for that one! I also picked up a stainless steel brine injector for $14. And two bags of Cowboy lump for $4 each. Ready for T day no matter what comes now!
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Just went omline with my local Lowe's and there selling for $37.99, maybe someone caught on... oh well.
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Just picked up 3 at local PA Lowes for $13.99 each. Nice!!
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I used mine yesterday, on the bird. It worked really well. It was nice to watch t.v. while the bird was in the oven. I sat the remote unit on top of the t.v., and when it got to almost done (about 3° to go) it says, "It's almost done". It syas it pretty loud too. I could hear it over the t.v. with no problem. A big "thank You" to Tim (Smokie Okie) for the thermo.
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I picked one up a few weeks ago for about 26. I think ill go back and see if they have some more.
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I went to another Lowe's in memphis and they had them for $15.00 so I got one. I have a pyrex that reads 211 on the boiling water haven't tried this one yet.
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Hello everyone, my first post:

I've been chasing the $10 thermometer at every Lowes in Southern California today. I found a Lowes (75 miles away) with the AW131 in stock and ordered 4. If you want these things, do a little research to find them in stock at another Lowes in your state. If you call that store, give them their sku# 260910 and they'll ship your order to you for $10.

While you're at it, order the $20 Oster wine bottle opener (#187582) for you spouse and score some extra points. Opens 30 bottles effortlessly on a single charge. My wife always works too hard removing those corks.

My thermo's are on the way. Now if only my GOSM Big Gasser had arrived without damage this week, I'd be sharing my Q-view by now. Anyway, the replacement from HD is on the way.

I've never smoked, but I've grilled, cooked and catered weekend events for years. I have enjoyed reading everyone's helpful tips over the last two weeks and feel I already know something about some of you and your love for smoking.

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Well CrapPpPpPp! I can't get a signal with mine. Guess I'll be taking it back.icon_cry.gif
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Okay I'm an idiot, I had to hit the reset buttons.DUH
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didn't take long for em to show up on ebay


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well SoCal, you have got to be chompin at the bit.icon_smile.gif

Good luck when all the pieces finally arrive!
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I picked one up last week, all they had.

Question, doe anyone have issues with the remote unit and the probe staying plugged in?

Take care,

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Make sure you have it plugged in good, and you should have no problems.
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I went back to Lowe's yesterday and there were four left at $9.99. I bought them all!
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We were just at Lowes this afternoon, and I picked up two @ $9.99...Pretty good deal!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
They told me they would have more before the Holiday!
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i went to lowes in fargo last tues ,they never heard of them. bummericon_sad.gif
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I've been envying those of you who have been able to get the Oregon Scientific for $9.99. Until today, I have checked evey Lowe's I have come across and found the thermos from $39.99 to $19.99. I just wouldn't buy them for that. But today is a new day! I went into a Lowes just outside of Atlanta while visiting and guess what .... yup, found the thermos for $9.99. I bought the last three they had. What a deal! This thing looks like it's going to be a breeze to use. And it even speaks four or five foreign languages. It's amazing and only $9.99. I need to go get some batteries and check the accuracy of it and then I'm ready to to test drive it by smoking my Christmas ham Monday. At this price, I can throw my Taylor 73 with a bad probe away. Glad you folks posted this thread.
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Good find, Bill! Of the ones that I bought, there is one that will not send a temp reading from the remote transmitter. I hope yours all work great.
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Here either

All lowes has are taylor weekend warriors here. I bought one for 20 bucks and it did;t work so took it back.
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