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Oregon Scientific Wireless Thermometer @ Lowes for $9.99

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I've been using the Oregon Scientific AW131 wireless thermometer for about 4 months now. Performance has been pretty solid. Distance is pretty good (but not quite what they advertise on the box).

I bought it at Lowes for $39.99.

I just noticed it last night marked down to $9.99. It wasn't a clearance tag, but I'm not sure if thats a sale price. It's a great wireless thermometer for $9.99!!

Your mileage may very -- they still have it for $39 on the website. This was in the Jacksonville, FL Lowes.
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Wow, that's a great price... I'd clean out the rack if I were you! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Congrats Baker that's a good price. There are alot of relatively inexpensive thermometersout there - you jus have to look.
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My Lowe's marked them down to $13.99... I picked up two. Would have gotten four if they went to $9.99. Maybe I'll keep watchin' 'em. They still have about 20 in stock. cool.gif
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Thanks for the heads up, my wife is stopping at our local Lowes this afternoon.
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looks like i am making a trip to lowes tomorrow

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my local lowes is sold out of them. i have one coming though, via smokie okie. he's a great guy.
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That's sweet! You did say it's fairly accurate though right?
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I just got back from Lowes... they don't have them here... mad.gif Oh well, that's a helluva deal for you guys that can find them!
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Same here Hawg, ours don't have them ether.
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Not available here either.
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My wife just called me from Lowes, sounds like ours doesn't carry it either.
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I got mine in the mail today from Tim (Smokie Okie). I jsut put batteries in it, and am about to boil some water and see how close it is.
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I just tested my thermometer -- put it in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes and it held at 212 exactly. I'm impressed. It does take a few minutes (probably 90 seconds this time) to get up to temp though -- not an instant read.
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90 seconds to me is close enuff to a instant read.........you are doing fine

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I checked mine, and it read 211°. close enough for me, and closer than my other two thermos.
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chris.....i hope you meant 211 and not 111

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Thanks for the heads up! My wife went to Lowe's and she brought back 3 of them at 9.99. She said there were still 4 left. I didnt feel like a pig but I wanted to send her back up there. icon_smile.gif
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Mine doesn't have them either mad.gif
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Click on the original posters link and you can enter your zip and see if there is one at your store or one nearby. Mine had them for 19.99 which is still a good deal.
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