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Quick wood question

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I'm doing my first fattys today, and I'm switcthing from chips to chunks for the first time. The smoker box that came with my GOSM is too small to hold chunks.

So I got a metal cake pan to replace the smoker box. My question is, how many chunks should I start out with so as not to waste wood? And should I soak the chunks or not? Most people on this board don't seem to soak chunks. How long do I have to let the chunks fire up (as compared to chips) before I start seeing smoke?

Thanks in advance to all.
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I noticed that when I soak my chucks they smoke slower. I usually like to use one chuck about the size of my fist. From there I can guess you can +/- the wood amount.
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When I buy bagged chunks they are usually too dry and seem to want to burn too quickly or worse yet, flare. A couple of hours in some cold water will do store bought chunks well.

The cherry and maple I use from my wood pile (I heat with wood) are never as dry as the hickory or mesquite I buy in bags.

As for quantity in the pan when I use the cake pan in my GOSM I usually line the bottom and adjust from there. DO not stack wood on wood. That can encourage flare ups. But fit some chunks together to line the bottom and that should keep it all happy.

Hope this helps!

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Again....we need a "I'm with Stupid" emoticon. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
I soak mine also, always have. I have friends that use an old cofee can cut down to house their chunks of wood in their gas smoker.
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Start with one and see if it's enough for you. Some of us like a very light smoke flavor some heavy it's up to you.
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