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RIP, sorry I forgot to post under this name, I posted under "my first smoke with the forum". I will post them now.



http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/f...8/100_0282.jpg Mop sauce, vinegar, onion, jalepano, rub, garlic and touch of some Habenero hot sauce I made also red chili.
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Thats cool, your smoke is looking good.
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Glued helped me out with this posting of pics so wanted to try it.
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Great looking smoke but your dog looks like it is hungry and you are teasing him with the smoker !!!
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She is my buddy, she knows that PIG bones she can eat. Hates to see me smoke chicken because she knows its all for not. Ever seen a dog debarker? Most people say take the bark off of the wood you are smoking with. I got some wood from a buddy and within half hour look at what she done. She knows she was being naughty and she loves it. Nothing the shop vac can't take care oficon_smile.gif notice all of the bark laying on my patio and it actually was cleaned before this pic.
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Awesome companion, and the food looks great! Is that almonds in that pan in the last cook pic?
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Yes, it is and they are awesome. I used a recipe I found on here and tweaked it a little added Cumin, I love that spice and added some onion powder and they are the bomb.
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Yeh, I apologize up front but cant resize this for some reason
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1 18oz jar of grape jelly and 2-3 jars Heinz chili sauce makes a great combo. Add a spoonful of horseradish if you like it. Makes for great meatballs in the crockpot.

good luck on the ribs!! I cant wait to see them PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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that does sound good!!
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she is so beautiful!! And she looks like a really good dog!
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First thanks to everyone, these are some of the best ribs and beans I have ever made and I owe it all to the members of this site. I ask for ideas and got some really good ones, Pescadero does his close to what I am use to so I went with his recipe with just a tweak or two. I put salt, pepper,oregano, and italian seasoning on the meat. I then melted butter in a bowl and added lemon juice and cajun season brushed on the meat and it was ready for the smoker. Thanks to Dutch for his Wicked Bean recipe they are the shieznic.

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RIP, that all looks great... I believe you got the hang of it!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks good there RIP!

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It all looks great, RIP. But the beans, especially, look incredible! Man, great color.
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RIP, that looks awesome!! Like your smoking shed too! icon_smile.gif
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Rip, one other suggestion. Put some foil around that water pan. Makes for an easier clean up.
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Great looking smoke !!!
The food looks delicious, also I love your smoking shed.
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Man those beans are good. You need to get the recipe from here and try um. I made the family friendly version. One hour in the oven on 350 and they were done. Didn't have room in the smoker.
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Glad it worked out well for you. Your recipe mods sound great. I will fiddle with those next time. Like the Cajun idea, just never get around to trying it. Will have to try it soon.

Like others said, I like your cook shack. I have a 40 foot shipping container that I am going to bolt a 2X10 header to and then build a ten foot slant roof off of that. Will give me 10X40 covered and will dedicate a section of that, as my cook shack. Plan on putting all my associated 'stuff' under there. Crab cooker, Sink, Counter top, smokers and the like. It will be open faced so I shouldn't have any trouble with smoke dissipation. If I do, I will vent the smoker up through the roof.

Have a question about your shack. I see your gear inside, but I presume you drag it outside before torching it off. Correct me if I am wrong. If you actually smoke from inside, how do you handle the smoke dissipation?

Thanks, Skip

I just had to come back and edit this and let you know the photos were great. they really carry the message of how good Q should look.
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