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Pork Luncheon

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Smoked some butt yesterday for a luncheon at my wifes work today. Did 3 butts that weighed around 25lbs total. It turned out great, and now they all want to know what else I can cook.

Rubbed and ready

Ready for foil at 165.

195, after an hour in the cooler, ready to pull.

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Looks Great

Awesome cook,love that look.Keep it up.
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nice LARGE pics there dude

wow........average over 8 lbs long did they take.......

nice smoke

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Nice! They must've love you! Great job!
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Nice butt's..............what ya do with all the juice??icon_mrgreen.gif
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Man that looks good.
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Great looking Q, congrats on a successful smoke. Funny how some that are pleased with the results... will push the envelope. Looking forward to more of your great Smokin' adventures.
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Thanks you all.
Walking Dude, they took about 12hrs.
bbq bubba, I don't do anything with the juice, should I save it for something?
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Great lookin' grub there ... bet they enjoyed it ..PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Mmmmmm, looks great! Nice work!
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