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The Pot Luck

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Well here i get it agian..next wensday we are having a pot luck..guess who got choosin for the main dish agian..i should ask for donations lol..but heres the plan.i have a roaster with 3 serving trays....and i just bought 50 boneless skinless chicken breasts..(aprox 50 people)..yeppers im going to smoke all of them..going to brin them and smoke them..then cut into strips..serve them hot with bbq sauce....for some reason they all rave my sauce ..but this time im going to send them for a ride..they love the hot and spicy so im going to give them 3 choices ..hot ..hotter and i dare ya....but i thought i would try some diffrent sauce since i have jeffs recipe..question how hot is it..on a scale of 1 to 10..as its printed..any help let me know..mike
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It's not real hot... maybe a 4 or 5...?
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ok guess i need a standard heat to start..for me a 10 is unbearable...but i like hot pepper..inotherwords i can eat habanaro..to unbearable..but jalapenos are a max of 4..thai peppers run about a 6 to 7 .the hotest chili pepper i ever had ran about 8..jeffs recipe calls for 1/2 teaspoon tobasco..1/2 teaspoon red pepper....to me 1 teaspoon of hot ..is like a 2 in a sauce.. thanks for you opinion hog..hope ya get your bday gift ..
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Well its allready..3 racks of chicken breasts smoked for 2 1/2 hours...3 diffrent sauces..made with homegrown hot peppers from a friend here in michigan..(an aisan friend)they are called thai peppers and run about a 7..in the heat range..as i made my brown sugar bbq sauce i had to be very carefull how i added the peppers..the qview shows 3 trays.. starting from right to left i have a sweet with heat..about 2 pinches of peppers..and a dash of tobasco..middle has 5 pinches and a dash of tobasco..hot and spicy..for the last i added about 8 pinches a splash of tobasco plus a spoonfull of Daves gormet insanity sauce..the stuff makes your nose run and makes ya sweat..but this seems to be the most popular where i work so ..sure cured my cold anyways lol..i put a warning just in case.. hope you enjoy the views.. mike


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Great Qview Mavadakin! Leftovers??
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I'd of rated Jeffs sauce at a 1 for hotness.
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