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Mops or spritzs?

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Do you baste or spray your bird when smoking and what do you use for turkey? Also if I were to wrap and place into the cooler would I spray it like I do a pork butt and brisket?
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Yes I do, I use apple juice with a little apple cider vinegar. And yes, I'd spritz it before I wrap it, just to keep it really moist while the juices redistribute.
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You will make the skin soggy, you dirty no skin eater. LOL

If you are a skin eater (well, crispy skin eater that is) don't spray or wrap when the cooking is done (but do it if you want during the cook). Wrapping (spraying or not) will make the skin soggy. I would tent it at the most and carve after 20 minutes or so. External moisture is the enemy in the crisp skin department
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icon_eek.gif There it is! Skin is ok on turkey if it's crisp, but I usually don't eat itPDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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Fatback Joe has got the skinny on birds, he's a good man.
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My rule is, if it has a rub, I spritz; no rub, I mop. The only exception is on the end of ribs, when I mop on a glaze. But at that point the bark is setup. Since I'm one of those pesky non-skin eaters, I just mop on EVOO on birds.
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I don't think a mop has to remove rub. Make it a "drip". Besides "Spritz" sounds so...wellll... non-manly.
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Well, I mop with a heavy hand.....and I spritz with bottle that was made for agricultrual chemicals, so I'm pretty secure with my manhood there.icon_smile.gif
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No, if you were secure you would use a dainty pink bottle and not have to go overboard with the one for agricultural chemicals. LOL

Just good natured harassment ill intent intended........don't want to get turned in. PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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You will make the skin soggy, you dirty no skin eater. LOL

PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif But the meat will be oh so moist, and that's what
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LOL Not where I am from. LOL

Just don't overcook it and it will be moist. LOL You are killing me Jim..........killing me.
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Quick question on this, do you have to hold your pinkey out when you eat the skin?icon_mrgreen.gif

But seriously, no one in the family eats the skin. So what I usually do is cook it with the skin on, and spritz, then about 30 minutes prior to serving pull 'em and slit the skin and pull to the side, exposing the meat. Then mop with sauce every 10 minutes or so till done.
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I don't even use my hands, just face down on the bird. LOL
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LMAO icon_mrgreen.gif
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Ok thanks guys.................................I think
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Yeah, sorry to cause the detour on your thread. icon_redface.gif
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Yeah sorry. But he ^ started it!PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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