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Growth of the SMF

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I have only been a member of the SMF since August. Every day I am amazed at the new entries in the roll-call section of this forum. Getting a chance to say Hi to all the new members is becoming a full time job. Speaking of job....I dont have a computer at home so all entries from this guy come from the work computer when no one is looking! I love that work is supporting my addiction!
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POINTS for dedication! Grin
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I got a extra laptop.
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meet ya half way??
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Ah yes!

Dedication to Addiction!
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I have real nice toshiba 17.5 wide screen dual core 1.83ghz 2gb ram 120GB HDD w/vista I use for personal reasons.

I have a dell 15" screen P4 2.4GHz 512Mb ram 20GB HDD wix/ xp-pro I use to use in the field to remote into cisco routers and switches.

I don't ever use the dell anymore and I've been thinking about getting rid of it.
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It can be tough trying to say Hi to everyone - this place never stops growing!
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uuuuuhh......what? Did I forget to mention that I'm completely computer illiterate and didn't understand a word you just said
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I try to welcome everyone and ya'll are right the site is growing like wildfire. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Anyone have a talley on how many newbes in the last 30 days?
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I was afraid of that. ment to mention that on the post too. I forgot.
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He needs a Mac ;{)
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that is some good specs on that laptop. hook him up.
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