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Smoking a ham?

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Is it possible to smoke a ham? We usually cook these on a weber but after getting the smoker, I thought we may give it a try. My wife would like some bean soup so I need to get a ham bone to throw in along with some ham for added flavor. I tried to search on ham, but nothing came up. Thanks for the help.
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Yes alot of us do it. what type of ham are you referring too? fresh, precooked, shank portion, or home cured?
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Last year I smoked 10 24# whole bone in hams for thanksgiving (Korn Top) brand. These are already smoked hams and I just resmoked them and brought the temp up to about 140-145 degrees. They were excellent and got great reviews from everyone that got one.
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We purchased a Farmland Hickory Smoked shank ham (half) about 7-8 lbs. We figure on having a ham dinner and making soup with some of the leftovers.
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That sounds like a precooked. Just put it on the smoker at 250-ish for a couple hours...bring it to serving temp, and you'll have alot better- MORE smoky flavor. That's what ya want, right?
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Here's a previous post on precooked ham. I always save my ham bones for beans. YUM!!! If you ever decide to cure your own let me know.
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Thanks for the link. I never gave it much thought about curing my own, but I do plan on trying some bacon after I get finished building my house.
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Need a good security/lo-vo guy? I'm about willing to drive that far for a job. Sigh. Michigan SUX.
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Building a house?? I'll pick-up Rich and i can build it for ya!!
Yes.....................Michigan sux, cept' when we kick the snot outta OSU on Sat.!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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GO BLUE ! WElcome aboard!
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