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smokin turkey

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I am a chef in a restaurant and was going to buy the turkey breast W/ skin on and wing on for turkey day and smoke it. It is boneless except for the wing. Can it still be smoked? #2 it has a 10% solution in it should I still brine it like a normal whole turkey?
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I say yes to both questions. I have smoked a lot of boneless breasts with and without skin, and I have brined a lot of store bought turkeys that are already injected with ?....you can still add your own personal flavor to the bird with your brine.
Good luck to you and if you get a chance...take pictures for us.
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If the turkey breast has a 10% solution already, then I wouldn't brine any more...don't want to get it too salty...If you want more flavor in the bird...inject it with what ever is to your liking...butter and herbs...maple syrup...apple cider..a combination of anything ya want...a rub on the outside is not going to give you any flavor inside the bird...Good luck...
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Anything can be smoked! if you do decide to brine it, make sure you soak it clean water for hour to pull the salt out change the water and soak for another hour. shouldn't be too salty then.

I would defiantly inject it though!
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