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PM me and I will let you know when I get some more. Out right now.
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you said pepperoni? i love pepperoni. slices, sticks- i buy both just to snack on all the time. i buy some every payday. i also use slices in my ABTs. let me know when you get some more pepperoni. maybe salami too, depends on what kind it is. i like the kind subway has for their sammiches. starts with a "g".
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Genoa, or Genovese, I'd think that would be. Kinda a salty, harder salami?
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Sliced a bit off the procuitto a few ago... mm it's an 8! QUITE lean, but I suppose that's the way it goes these days...sigh.
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genoa salami is what i was thinking of. it is what they use on the "spicy italian" and "bmt" sammiches.
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