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Hear ye all!

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ds7662 has just delivered to me one of the better hunks of procuitto I have seen! For POSTAGE!! What guy! And a bonus pak of panacetta...what a GUY!

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How'd ya pull that one off dude? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Send him a message...evidently he's in the loop for meat 'samples" :{)
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Thanks for the Kudo's Rich. You are very welcome.
Squeezy I made the offer a while back in a thread where Smokie Okie was looking for pancetta.
I have a family member that works for Ferucci Foods. Makers/sellers of fine meat products. This person happens to be a manager so they are able to get the meat when they bust open boxes for inspection. Since open boxes can't be sold they give it to my family member. They give it to me since they work around the meat they dont want it.
I give the meat away to any takers. I only keep a little. The offer is still open. PM me if you are interested. You only pay postage. The meat is free!
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I missed that thread ...

Problem I think is you are in Virginia and I'm in Ontario ... that and a thing called "Customs". Otherwise, I'd be all over that offer like a dog on a bone!
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How does one mail meat without it going bad?
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S'cured, Deb.
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Debi the Procuitto is cured in a way that it would take for every for it to go bad. Those hams hung in an unrefrigerated room for weeks before they were ever packed to go to the stores. The pancetta is hit and miss. If it is cold weather it can be chanced. That I why I only sent one pack to Rich to try.
Just like summersausge and pepperonni sticks that don't require refrig until opened or sliced I guess.
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Next question is ... border crossing!

We can't take fruit, firewood and God knows what across .... and we can't bring meat into the states ... don't know about the reverse!!!
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That's all I can say. I grew up in Southern New Jersey, and remember all the dellies and good food. Brings back memories, and you are one very lucky person. I'm jelous, so to speak.
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It doesn't look easy Squeezy. (no ryhme intended)
I was just scoping the Homeland security website and alot of stuff has to be done. I will ask when I send out next package though.
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Ok, Here is a list of stuff I get. This is from time to time and not all the time. Sometimes I get alot at once and then none for a while.
Pepperonni sandwich slices
Pepperonni Sticks
Multiple types of Salami sandwich slices
" " Salami Sticks
Pancetta slices
Pancetta cubed
Pancetta Logs 5lbs
Procuitto Hams

I have gotten alot of stuff that I had no idea what it was cause I had never heard of it.
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Prefer the rhyme over the difficulty ... thanks!
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Honestly,it was soo well packed, and sealed i doubt a dog would have given the box a second sniff. What's to lose? Postage? go for it!
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I can understand proscuitto, pepperoni, summer sausage shipping well but pancetta? That's bacon icon_eek.gif
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Cured too, right? Not smoked but cured. Have not opened it yet...
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Had to check it out. Delicious! Just a light touch of fennel...

On edit: I don't think I'd try shipping it any distance in the summer tho...Jerky it ain't. Most places shipped goods sit are not heated, or not very much, or cooled in the summer...ewww!
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How often do you get the pepperoni and salami?
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I get those items more frequently. The Big items not so much.
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Id be interested in taking those off your hands next time you get them. What would be a good estimate of postage to omaha,ne?
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