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Old Cars

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This isn't a joke, but I didn't know where to post it.
For anyone that enjoys old cars/hot rods.....this is a pretty good
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Nice link.

I have a 62 Thunderbird that I need to get back to work on. Gets so damn hot in the garage down here in the summer time that I lose all to where where I am satisfied that it runs and leave it at that. icon_redface.gif Time to get back on it.
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A 62 T-bird....that would be nice Joe!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice link Cowgirl - thanks!
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pretty cool!
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I'm glad you enjoyed it Debi and glued2it. I love old cars...especially muscle
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Ahhhh. AHHHH. "Those... were... the days my friend, we thought they'd never end..."
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Dang it sweetheart , now ya went and made me want to work on my hot rod. 78 El Camino, Black Knight, 350 4 barrel, 4 on the floor. chrome wheels, dang, another iron in the fire. icon_smile.gif

Sorry Patty, thats not me, thats #1 son, Tanner
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I own a '68 GTO that's STILL a project...lessee, 7 years now. Sigh
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Nice El Camino Terry!
Rich....GTOs are great cars...hope you find time to get it running.
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Howdy cowgirl,
Thanks for the post...really cool. I've got a 69 Barracuda and a 69 Beaumont...working on both and I don't think one is ever done. Cars are like smokin is always trying to perfect it ! Have a great day and thanks again for the post....really cool without a doubt.
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You're sure welcome badss. smile.gif
My old HS boyfriend had a cuda, can't remember the year....I know he bought it from his brother.
Great cars!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Haven't had the Cuda all that long but its fun to drive and I couldn't imagine the kind of trouble a guy would have gotten into in our younger years having a car with a fold down rear seat! The wife just looks at me a stares and shakes her someone said those were the days. Hey there could be a good post...the most trouble one got into or could've got into with a car the old days that is LOL. Have a good one!
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