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Need help with my ECB!!!

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I'm smoking shrimp for the company thanksgiving feast. I just realized that one of the reasons that my last batch wasn't spectacular was that I filled the water pan. The steam is probably not good for helping with that brown color I'm looking for, but I dont want to dry the shrimp out. Anyone tried smoking shrimp without the water pan? Any opinions?
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As much as moisture, the water also helps regulate the temp. Some use apple juice....some even use sand. If you go without it, it's going to change the way your smoker smokes.

Shrimp are not going to be in the smoker very long. I don't think the water or sand, in this case, will make much of a difference.
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I like your avatar I used to have the same one on another forum. I also set it as background at work one time But my boss made me take it off!
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Yeah, you're right. I'm not going to mess with it. Switching from thick uncooked bacon to thin prosciutto should make all the difference.
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Thanks brotha! I found it on, it really goes with my name and I love the smoke coming out of his mouth!
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I think you are looking at a mop more than the water pan. Now I run an ECB, and dont even use a pan. I have a heavy steel grate <sand pan> covered in foil to keep the drips off the fire.

Mop: Paprika, Hungarian, of course. lemon juice. Garlic. ground bay leaf. 1/2 stick real butter. 1/2 cup white wine. Simmer mix for a few on low and keep it warm for mopping :{) MMMM
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Wow that sounds good. Thanks for the advice!
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My pleasure. Just post some Q-view!
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With no water pan you are grilling. Try playbox sand instead. Spritz the shrimp with the butter and garlic. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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