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Did I mess up

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I have been planning on smoking a bone in ham for Thanksgiving. Now the bone in ham I had purchased is a Hormel 81. I am not sure if it is spiral sliced, will that matter if it is? Also, all the hams I can find in Lincoln, Ne are already cooked. What would you recommend doing for temp and time on smoking that? Recipes???


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Basically, if it's fully precooked all you're doing is reheating. If it's a smoked ham and you smoke it again, you may find it to be too smokey. Since it's cooked, go for 110* to 140* internal to prevent drying. Use a nice brown sugar/mustard type rub. If it's spiral cut watch your tem closely, it won't take as long and mop it.
P.S. If it's "partially" cooked go for 145* to 150* let it rest to 155* - 160*

Check it out:

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you can a shank portion ham (ready to cook) from the butcher and cook it the rest of the way. Or maybee you can try curing your own if want to try that for christmas. If so pm me and I'll tell ya how to do it it's real easy and fun to do. I've got one curing now.

here's a post on precooked ham

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Or better yet, do a boston butt and don't cook it to pull temperatures. Slice it just like a ham. I think the flavor is better than a cured ham, but that's just me.
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