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? size hotplate for smoker

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I am going to build an insulated smokehouse with a hotplate so that I can hot smoke some types of sausage. Size is going to be about 2' X 2' X 4'. Does anyone know what size/watt hotplate is needed 120v or 240v? I would think that 200* would be as hot as I ever wanted.
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goat a 1100 watt should work fine
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As mentioned somewhere WAAY back, those plates don't seem to last long inside the box. You seem a somewhat technically inclined guy...I'd consider coming up with a mount for just the element, leaving any temp controls/plastic outside the smoker box. Well, guess ya want the temp control, depending on the type inside...have to maybe come up with a drip shield. I suppose I could lend a "hand" if ya take some pix of the plate... if ya need/want help. :{)
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Thanks Salmonclubber.
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I'll second what Clubber said. I use an 800W in a similar size box and top out around 180 or so (depending on how hot it is outside). 1100 should get you to that 200 mark you are looking for.
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Porkfat, is that an 800w element only or a hot plate with a 800w element?
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Richtee, I am flying by the seat of my pants on this one. I have not purchased anything yet. I have a neighbor who is doing a little remodeling and I have scrounged up some plywood, 2x4's, insulation and have a basic plan in my head. That is all.
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Hotplate. Got it a Target a couple of years ago. Nothing special.


This one, but silver.
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I bought this one. 1000 watt.


A small mod to my new Smoke Hollow

I basically did a cold smoke, and finished the meats off in our electric "turkey roaster", bringing the summer sausage up to 180 internal, for fully cooked.

Realize, I don't know what I'm doing yet, but these results were good tasting, and we havn't gotten sick yet.

-=- Jerry -=-
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Pretty nice,that's basically what I do in my Charcoal GOSM, I just run the cord out one of the side vents and plug the rest of the vent with foil.
I have to get a higher wattage hot plate though, 600w just aint enough to get my temps over 140°

What are you using for your chip/wood holder??? I can't tell from the pics.
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Thanks Wilson. That's a little cast iron tray I got at either Home Depot or Lowes. I don't remember which. It has a cast iron cover with slots it it. It's made to put your wood chips in for smoke and stick it in your propane grill. I think it was about $10. in the BBQ Grill section.

The Smoke Hollow does not have a lower vent, and there was no opening big enough to get the plug thru around the propane burner, so I just made an opening large enough to run the cord out.

i think I'm going to try a small cut down coffee can next time, because I really get the impression that the cast iron soaks up a lot of the heat and shields it from the cabinet interior. That's my un-scientific opinion. I got it up to about 170F or so after about 6 hours. I know I said cold smoke which is not really accurate, but the instructions for the Summer Sausage kit said to start at 120F for 2 hrs, 140F with smoke for 2 hours, and 160F without smoke for 2 or 3 hours. I finished them off in the turkey roaster because I wanted to be sure that my beef/pork mix was fully cooked.

Learning by doing! ;^)
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I know you know this, but I always add to threads where coffee cans are getting used..PLEASE pre-burn that thing in a fire! STINKY paint!
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Same story here with teh cast iron box.............but I just hit the wood with a torch and that got them going then the box stayed hot enogh to keep things moving along.........but just waiting on the box to heat up was taking forever.
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I picked up a little 800W hot plate at Wal-Mart. It cost (can you believe this) $6.00. Pretty cheap little thing, both is cost and quality. It is not enough, so I am glad it was cheap. Haven't used it enough to wear it out, but wear it out, I will. I agree with some of the other posters. You need to go at least 1000W, maybe even more. You can always turn it down. I think it is better to run something at 75-80% capacity, than to run it at it's maximum. And that is what I am doing, and what you would have to do with lower wattage.

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Excellent advice!

Maybe there's a better light-weight can or dish (cheap to free)??

I'll probably wrap the chips in foil, but I feel that would be too light-weight to be directly on the heat coil.

-=- Jerry -=-
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a smoke hollow add on

is this what you have done..i just bought a smoke hollow eletric cause it wes cheap ..yet to try it....what happen to the old element..just courious.mike
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I would say at LEAST 1000, my little electric smoker can get up beyond 200 only in the summer with a lite load. If I have a bit in there it'll run right about 180* at hi. Mine is insulated and dimensions are only 16x14x20. If you're looking at 2x2x4 you will need something more powerful for sure. Maybe a dual plate?? Here is a link to what mine is like...

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mine is gas, (the regulator/hose is hanging on the right handle in the picture.)

I just put the hot plate in there termporarily.

still experimenting, but so far, temps are on the low side, which is what the summer sausage kit called for. I can't get the temps that low with gas.

-=- Jerry -=-
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Here's a link to Alton Brown's $10 smoker, with a hot plate. He has the white hotplate photo'd earlier.

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Thanks Shell, I have a 1000w coming. I hope that mine is better insulated than yours or I will need to add a second burner as mine will be 2X yours. Time will tell.
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