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Hello all,
I am a newb at smoking. My grill (Char-Broil propane Commercial series 3 burner plus side pot burner stainless) finally warped the cast brass burners to the point of serious hot spots. So, I rebuilt it. I used a new h-burner towards one side using two of the controls. One round pot type burner on the other side for indirect heat. Found a metal box at goodwill (I think it was a router tote box). Ran some 3" duct from the tote box to a hole I made in the orig grill below the cooking rack. The tote box sits on the side burner. Put a fan from a hair dryer in the duct (am running the fan with batteries, so it turns much slower than used to). Just test fired it yesterday, seems to work beautifully. I kept all the functionality of the orig grill with the h-burner, plus added both cold and warm smoking ability. Can't wait to smoke somethin'. If you are interested I might take some pics and post. Thanks for reading, will see you on the boards.
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Nice to have you join us. Don't know how much actual smoking experience you have, but you have a lot of moxy. Taking on that rebuild and modification project, took some thought and understanding of the process. Sounds like it will be very successful. I would like to see some pictures of the finished product. I know the others would too. You might take a look at Jeff's 5 Day eCourse on smoking Basics. It is a good refresher, even for the seasoned cook. Once again, good to have you on board.

After posting I realized I didn't know where you were located. Checked your profile and found you to be in Sherwood. Great to have another Oregonian on SMF. Did a lot of motorcycling out of Sherwood and the coastal mountains, in the past. Can't believe how the town has grown. Wasn't anything but a wide spot in the road back then. Came through just the other day, on way back from Seaside. Lived in Clackamas until a few years ago. Anyway, enough of that. Enjoy the forum and remember to ask, if you have any questions.

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Well, thank you Pescadero (skip). I have not smoked a darn thing yet. Have done lots of research, that's how I work. I do lots of research then get into whatever it is. Good to see a fellow Oregonian, and yes Sherwood seems to be growing hourly, anyway thanks for the correspondence.
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Welcome to the SMF. This is the place to hang your hat and read around, plenty of great tips, advise, and good old friendliness. We're interested in looking at your smoker, so post some pics whenever possible.
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I will definitely get some pics for you by this weekend.
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Welcome to SMF! Sounds like you're ready to dive right in. icon_smile.gif This is definitely the right place to learn. Make yourself at home, we're glad to have you aboard.
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Hia stang! Welcome to SMF... See ya have a bit of the "builder syndrome" too. I appear to be terminal with it ;{)

Great place for you to be at this level of your Q career... no bad habits to get over. Heh ENJOY!
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Welcome aboard the SMF.
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Welcome to the SMF Shane, glad you found us! I can't wait to see the pix of your rig, let alone what it produces! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Have fun!
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Welcome to smf. Tons of info and good smoke here.
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Welcome to the SMF! cool.gif
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Welcome to SMF!I'm glad you joined!
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Hi Shane, welcome to the SMF....looking forward to your QViews!
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Welcome to the SMF Shane! Lots of great info and great people here!
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Welcome aboard !
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welcome to SMF. glad you found us. i can't wait to see some pics of your setup.
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Welcome Stangr!! If we are interested you will take some pics and post?! We are all interested in seeing lots of pics. Please post a way!!
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Welcome - what they all said! LOL

Can't wait to see those PIC'S!!!
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Welcome to the site, and what he said. LOL
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