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Great posts ... Thanks a bunch! I'll definitely be trying the hot dogs and "taters." Makes me hungry just thinking about it.
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Look up Emeril's fried turkey recipe. It's a dry rub on the outside (which caramelizes when you fry it, locking in all the juices) and a spice marinade injection before you drop it in the oil. Awwwweeeeeessssoooommmmeeeeee. My advice is to go light on the injections. Less is more, know what I mean?
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Hi Bill!...

Check out This Thread for another idea...I haven't tried this, so I don't know how the finished bird will be, but thought you might wanna take a looksee...

If you can, use Peanut Oil for frying!...It's simply the best for high-temp deep-frying!...

Holds up to the high temp MUCH better than soybean and other oils!...

Of course, if anyone in the family has an allergy to peanuts it wouldn't be a good idea to use it...

Have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving!...

Until later...
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The BEST fried turkey you will EVER eat

If you are looking to fry a turkey this reciepe (attached) has never failed to please.
I will admit it's a bit expensive to make and I wouldn't bother unless you are planning on doing at least 2 birds. I have prepared this about four times always puting the frozen birds and maranaide in a large plastic bag and setting in a cooler. Freeze water in 2 liter bottles and lay on top to keep them cold. Over a 4 or 5 day period your turkeys will thaw and the flavor is unforgetable.
Good luck
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deep fried

i usually inject mine with chicken boullion and or old bay i will then carefully lift the skin on the breast side and apply a good rub then toothpick the skin back and let sit in the fridge for 24 hours..then when i'm ready to fry it i let it set out to bring up the temp while the pil is heating and dry the bird as dry as you can get it key word is dry, then when your oil is hot, i bring mine to 375 because it will drop to between 325 and 350 when you SLOWLY lower the bird into the oil and maintain 325 to 350 for 3.5 mins per # plus 5 mins then take out and cover or cooler for 1/2 hour before cutting...Man thats eatin'
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Hey everyone; thanks for the great info. We're also planning on deep frying a bird this year. I've got a regular, propane-powered unit, with an 8-gallon pot.

My question is how much oil should I plan on buying? I know to put the bird in the pot and fill with water to figure out the dispacement, but can anyone ball park it for me?

Also, we've got a 14 lb bird, can anyone guesstimate how much meat we'll get off of it?

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Fried hot dogs

I lived for a time in Connecticut and fied hot dogs are about the only way you can buy them at a fast food joint....Blackies in Cheshire is famous for their fried dogs...and yes they are delicious.
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Displacement plus an inch or two and you have to allow the water to enter the cavities of the bird to be accurate (You just can't do a quick dunk of a plastic wrapped bird, well you could I guess, but it wouldn't be as accurate) I am guessing 5 gallons depending on the shape of the pot, maybe more.

Definately use two people with a long pipe or broomstick and the bird as far away as you can get while lowering it into the grease. Lower sloooooowwwwwly and allow the grease to boil and bubble just a little at a time as you lower the bird into the pot until the whole bird has been submerged!

STEAM WILL DISPACE 200 TIMES THE ORIGINIAL VOLUME OF WATER! That means that one cup of water becomes 200 cups of steam! And the really bad part is that it happens at near explosive speeds and pushes the encapsuling oil around it twords the path of least resistance (Out of the pot)

I am guessing 8 lbs of good meat out of a bird that size, nothing to base that on, just a guess. I would bet that there is a link somewhere to a site that would have a good formula for that though.

Good luck and post pics!
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