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First Cheese

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Here is the first cheese I did. I must say that I enjoyed it much more than any smoked I have bought. I was able to taste the cheese and not just the smoke. I will definately be doing more in the future.
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what type of smoker is that.........mitey clean looking grates.....eheheh

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That was just the tray I sat the cheese on to smoke it. I have a Brinkman Smoke-N-Pit.
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What kind of cheese did you smoke?
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Looks good nice and light. What kind of cheese is that?
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I used Cracker Barrel white sharp and extra sharp. The local store had it on sale 5 for $10.00. Figured if I messed it up I was not out much $ ya know. Smoked with hickory @ 1hr @ 90º. Can't wait to do more being the temp outside around here is perfect.
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Looks good, can't wait to try some.
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WOW great price!
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Just fired up my little 250w electric smoking a half pound of cheddar and a half pound of mozzeralla. I will let you know how they turn out . first attempt.
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kewl.......make sure you take pics and post please
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Good luck with it, smoked cheese is awesome.
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Good luck with the cheese Dysartsmoker! smile.gif

Smokeys....that was a great price!! Way to score!
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Smoked for 90 minutes with alder and a bit of hickory. Looks good I will cool and try some. Kids have the cam today. After 3 weeks of -30 c today is -11c just had to smoke something after herring all the stuff you guys are doing in the south. when they get home I will try to post some pics never done that before
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kewl.......but Jack......round pics.......didn't happen...........heheheh

i use's a link where pigcicles and meowy walked me thru the process
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Thanks will give it a try
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I know I loved it cause it was not as smoky as the hickory farms stuff I have bought in the past, which now I won't have to buy anylonger since I can do it myself.

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Usually taste better the next day after an overnight in the fridge.
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i have found the smoke intensifies after resting.......then several days later, it mellows............
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