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2008 winners

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Below is a link to the Fiery-foods website. They have finally listed the 2008 Scovie winners. There are a number of categories so check them all out! If you live near Albuquerque, check out the 2008 Fiery-foods and barbecue show next March. You WON"T regret it. We went this past year and had to stop buying stuff cause we couldn't carry any more and that was after taking stuff out to the car once! In the fresh salsa category, I will tell you that the Garden fresh Gourmet really is that good. I've never had store bought better!

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Ok, you've got my attention. Now if I can do the same to my wife...
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Wipe some Smitty's on yer lips and give 'er a smooch! Heh!
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RichTee, that only works for SOME of my goof-ups.
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teeeheee... SUCH a romantic, ain't ya? :{) Dont work for me either...Hmmm...
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