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MES and Sawdust?

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Like many others, my MES has a hard time igniting the wood chips at low temps, ie. < 130-150 degrees. Has anyone tried sawdust to see if it works any better? Does anyone know if using sawdust would cause any issues such as rapid combustion, etc.?
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You should probably PM "Smoked" if he does not pick up on this thread......My recolection is he did try to use sawdust and was not convinced by the results.....for cold smokes he is using his MES as a smoke generator and piping the top vent to another container where the temps are cooler and the smoke still presenticon_wink.gif

Have a look at the thread "cold smoking success by nogoer" NOW THATS COOL
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Marvin is correct, I did try the sawdust routine in my MES for cold smoking.....just didn't do it for me, so I ended up making the mod's to my big chief to be a cold box and run the MES as a smoke generator for it..... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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This was exactly the problem I ran into when I originally setup my smokehouse. Initially, I only had the electric Brinkman element in my house. I discovered that it required too much heat, in the house, to produce a good smoke. I usually only use sawdust. I discovered that the house temp was reaching well over 250*, before I would get good smoke. This is why I made a smoke chamber, and piped in the smoke.

Check out my original post, I have pics of my setup.
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