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Mods Completed!

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Finished my Mods and ran a side of ribs and a chicken through it last weekend. Click on the link to see the chicken, man was it great- 3-2-1 on the ribs and brined the chicken. Jeff's naked Rub on both. No need for sauce on these. I do want to get another temperature probe to monitor the meat and the grill instead of one or the other.

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Food looks awesome! What were the mods you did to your CG? I saw the fire box grate...
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That looks great NoContest!! I think that chicken is calling my name.biggrin.gif
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Wow, nice job. I ordered Jeff's recipes, but have not tried them yet.
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You will not be dissapointed.

Nocontest it's looking good! MAN the chicken looked AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nice job, and good lookin' smoke and Q too!
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Great job. I have the same smoker and love it.
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Looks great, glad everything worked out.
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We got another one folks... heh!
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I just love ribs, but man that yard bird looked good!
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Volcanic turkey run for your lives!

Looks good NC!
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I did all the basic mods- raised the fire box grate, lowered the stack to the grate and baffled the fire box opening. I do want to add tuning plates & I have a couple of new tires for her that I may install this weekend.

Real busy right now- opening day of rifle starts on tomarrow- Nov 15th- so far this year I've shot an 8 point and a doe with my bow. This Sunday I will be making a pair of snow shoes in a class instructed by a DNR officer.

Thanks to all for the great compliments. I will post more photos in the near future of some planned q"s
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Looks good nice q-view. Snow shoes where ya at?
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