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Buckeye wood?

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Hmmm with the Big Game coming up, I was pondering what to smoke, and what with... Think Buckeye wood<y> is too dense? I KNOW it'll catch fire and BURN like 'ell...
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Buckeye is supposed to be lightweight. I know they make artificial limbs with it but I don't know about smoking with it. It doesn't grow up here.
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It's a nut tree, related to the horse chestnut. Might work.
Have you burned any? How does it smell?
It's around here but I've never burned any.
Do a test burn (not a smoke, hate to waste any good eats cool.gif ) and see what you think. Let us know.
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OK, people. My bad. It's Ohio State/U of M week, and this was a joke... Wood<y> Hayes, catches fire , burns like 'ell...

Sigh. I should have seen this coming I guess. Obtuse trashtalking sometimes backfires hehe...
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Hey Richtee,

Why would you want to use that godforsaken nut wood wink.gif I hear it stinks to high heaven!! You can smell it once you cross the border going south on I-75 or US-23 and it doesnt stop until you hit Kentucky!!
Use something good like a Sugar Maple or Michigan Apple wood!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Hail to the Victors!!!!

p.s. I caught on to your trash talking immediately!!
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I think TwisterTail did too...but was befuddled by my rapier-like Wolverine wit. ;{)
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Yep, you have to keep that in mind when talking to buckeyes fans :)
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There will be plenty of SMOKED WOLVERINE Saturday afternoon!
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Hmm dunno 'bout that...that's one tough hombre, the Wolverine!
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I'm not too worried, coach Tressle got some tips from Appalachian State.
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Good One Twister!! I hope the Sweater Vest has been talking to App State. I heard that Lloyd Carr was spotted in Illinois this week near the University of Illinois campus...
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You're no good Rich.
Guess you have to care about junior professional sports.
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Heh...or at least be within a couple hundred miles of perhaps the biggest rivalry in college - err junior professional- sports. Yes, it's pretty much tied with two or three others.

It's a BIG deal in the sports world. College athletics has it's problems <mostly stemming from OSU ;{) > but it's still better than the pro offering, in many regards, IMHO.
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Hey spydermike, I heard the same thing, heard Carr was looking for a job for next year.icon_mrgreen.gif Wanted to coach a team that could beat Ohio State.
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That would be to Spider, not Peculiar, correct?
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College athletics has it's problems <mostly stemming from OSU ;{) > but it's still better than the pro offering, in many regards, IMHO.[/quote]

Something an OSU fan and a MU fan can agree on. Pro sports is mostly over paid cry babies who only think of themselves.
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Well, here in the KC area the big "Border War" (goes back to the slavery thing and civil war, how's that for carrying a grudge?) happens in a week - Kansas University and Missouri University at Arrowhead Stadium in KC.
Folks, THAT'S a rivalry. And both are doing really well this year.
But I wouldn't give 5 cents to get in Arrowhead to watch.
Overpaid coaches and under the table professional players. It's all in who can buy the best. And that's the truth.
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Yeah, I think this is Lloyds last year, I think he calls it quits after Saturday. Then we can begin the Les Miles era in Ann Arbor!!
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Cool, we can start the Les and Tress wars.PDT_Armataz_01_42.gifPDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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Maybe we oughta annex Notre dame, so'z we can BOTH get a Big Ten warmup? Hehehehe!
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