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Ham jerky

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Took the boy down to local outdoorsy type store to target practice with his bow...on the way out he saw jerky and asked if he could get some. Well it was ham jerky with maple flavoring. This stuff was good! I'm thinking maybe taking a ham, cutting it into strips, soaking it in a maple flavored liquid, the dehydrating it. Anyone ever make ham jerky?
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No but send some and I will critique it for you!
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Hmmm, the way he downed it yesterday, I don't think that there would be much left!!!
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i never flavored it but i have dried it and it was not bad at all,my only suggestion would be to soak it and try to dilute the salt.

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Shellbellc,buy some more and we will be grateful for the chance to try it out for you.
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Down here the Cajuns make Tasso, which is a spicy pork jerky. Mostly used in other dishes but also good by itself. I've tried my hand at it and while its pretty good there is just something kind of weird about dried pork.
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Yes I know ham is pork, but it really chewed like smoked beef jerky. I don't know that I'd have to smoke it again, but I'm thinking of slicing it and then soaking in a maple glaze, then dehydrating it.
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Not on purpose... wink.gif
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Shell -

Is it really ham? or is it thin sliced brined pork? Sounds interesting.
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please send two pounds for testing.......

thank you

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