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So how big was the bird? Did you brine or inject?
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I brined two turkeys the week before thanksgiving. It was 11pm, had no containers big enough, nothing was open to go buy some, so I took everything out of the crisper drawers, cleaned them up, placed brine and turkeys in them and slipped them back in their slots. Worked great.
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I thought of doing that but my wife would have lost her #*&^ if she saw raw poultry sitting in liquid, uncovered and enclosed in the same fridge as we keep everything else...PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif
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Yeah, I just read that post. Guess I'd not recommend it. But then again, I guess it'd be one way to get me to scrub out the Fridge! icon_eek.gif <Which needs doing...sigh>
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Well, I guess I should have added that they were in plastic trash bags sitting inside the crispers icon_smile.gif
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Porsche guy- this was posted here somewhere.

"Trash bag method"

Trash bags are not for food. Well, edible food at any rate... heh!
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Jeez, you guys are tough!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were new clean bags!wink.gif
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Yeah... they SEEM it. It's the manufacturing and materials used in them tho. Probably not gonna kill ya, but why chance it. Haunt your local deli or resto and ask about the pickle/food buckets. Alot of times they toss 'em out, and they work great! just be sure not to use abrasives on the plastic. Scratches hide nasties.
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Yeah, I read about the pickle buckets and the newspaper to kill the smell in one of debbies post. I have a source for used restaurant equipment (cheap). I was wondering about the large stainless pots?
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stainless, glass, food grade plastic. Non-chipped enamel'd pots. Glazed crocks. All OK.
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