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CRAP.......d88de reaches AGAIN for the towel to clean the monitor screen..... CRAP

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I just got a 5 gallon pickle bucket from the deli at my local supermarket, price was right- free. I did a post two days ago asking how to remove the smell. I cleaned it out and sanitized it, moved my beer, and took out one of the racks in my fridge ( I also have two fridges), and it fit perfectly. Extremely easy and economical way to brine a large bird. I plan on using it after the holidays to brine a pork butt.
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I just looked at your pickle bucket thread...which method of cleaning did you use, and more importantly, did it work?
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Okay I just spewed all over my laptop ROB! Now cut that out!
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crumble up a bunch or newspapers and put the lid on in a few days to a week it'll be gone. Works for rootbeer too.
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where you been dj..........hehehehe...........

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Will anyone else be cooking the bird in the house this year? Seems like everyone's heart set on smoking...:-p It's a shorter time when you smoke it, right? We aren't going to take too long to cook our turkey either since we are using the 2-hour recipe. It involves baking it at 475 for 2 hours. I know there's a bunch of different recipes to do this, but we got this one from Safeway. Anyone heard or use this before?
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I read a post about it a day or two ago..must have been yours in another thread. Were having 3 birds this year at our gathering; baked, smoked and fried. Though I'm sure whomever is baking ours is using the old school long cook method though...
Let us know how it turns outcool.gif
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You could move north. Then you just put a lid on your brine container and set it on the back porch overnight.

Turkey was the very first thing I smoked when I bought a smoker several years ago. I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I put it on the smoker about 9:00 AM. We invited the neighbors over for turkey dinner. At 9:30 PM I apologized profusely and we broke out the lunch meat sandwiches. I realized later after everyone went home that the turkey was done. I was waiting for the little probe to pop out of the breast that signals it is done. icon_lol.gif We invited the neighbors back the next day for dinner and the turkey was very good. Oh well.
I learn something everytime I cook with the smoker.
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Dang Deb, that looks great, but how easy is it to get out?? Kinda like the ship in the bottle thing PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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If you place the turkey on the grate it won't get a soggy bottom. You can also place in a a grate within the pan to catch the juice if you choose to.

The advantage of putting it on the grate is more smoke all over the bird.
as for the second question I don't know what your asking. White meat is all but legs and thighs on a turkey and some are breed to be all white meat. You can buy just the breast secton to if you wish.

Twomill -
I can't believe you got a turkey for 36 cents a pound![/quote

It was one of those limit of two with coupon and other puchases type thing. My wife cannot go shopping without coupons; she is the one you dont want to be behind in the checkout line.PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif

She tends to overbuy when it is a really good buy. I tell her she should have bought so many they should owe her money. That went over like a pine log in the smoker.
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Wow...3 turkeys...hopefully you get left overs? :-p You know what is great to make with that left over turkey meat...turkey enchiladas. Beats the old turkey sandwich. Have you tried those before?

I take it no one has tried the high heat method at all?
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No we haven't done turkey enchiladas but I did do some with left over brisket, thanks to Dutch's recipe.
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Are you more of a green sauce or red sauce enchilada person? Where is Dutch's recipe listed?
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i perfer the darkly red sauce........myself

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I prefer green. Dutch's recipe is here http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ead.php?t=3703
it's for shredded beef enchiladas, but I used leftover brisketPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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i think BF, his recipe was designed for left over brisket.........tho i could be wrong......wouldn't be the first time.........lolol

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I might hate to be behind you wife but some of those ladys know how to do the coupon thing! I never even see coupons! Guess that not the sort of thing you get in magazines like Modern Drummer, Guitar World or Home Brewer huh?


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I agree DeeJay, I don't see coupons anymore either. I thought everything converted to club cards! :-p
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Thanksgiving was great! The 2-hour turkey worked out nicely. It was nice to rely on something to cook so fast while we spent more time on other dishes that needed it. Believe it or not, we went thru 2 turkeys and 2 hams with very little left overs! We actually had to hide some turkey so we could have left overs for ourselves!

Hope everyone's T-day was great as well. :-)
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