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Until Then....

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If this does not move you then nothing will.

God Bless and hold our men and women of the armed forces making this day possible for all of us.

And God Bless America!

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God Monty, that is wonderful. We truely have no idea of the sacrafices that are made for us, and what is done for us, 99% is done without our knowledge. It starts with God, and goes on down the line. I thank each and everyone of you, from God on down, for what you bring to my life. icon_smile.gif
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Thank you
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Thanks Monty.
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Thanks to you, thanks to all of them.
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Thank You srmonty ...
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You're all welcome. I was truly floored when this came to me. I saved it just for today.

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Gulp! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gificon_cry.gificon_eek.gif

Thanks Hon!
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Thanx Monty
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