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Battery life..

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Aloha, I've used my ET-73 for a total of 9 hours now. How many hours before next battery change? I'll buy some spares today, but I just need a ballpark estimate. Thanks all!!!!
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on my original et-73, I don't think I've ever changed the batteries in either the base or the receiver. That's got to be well over 100 hours. I probably should change them :)
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They will last a long time, I've has some last over a year +. Have your backup ready. I use the chargeable type, luckily I can use the same charger for my camera batteries. Good luck my friend.
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Mahalo (thank you).... I will get the spares...Boy this SMF is a great site, and what makes it great are the people on here!!!!!! Just amazing !!!!!!!
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You said it all there!icon_smile.gif
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yup- i keep a couple sets of lithium batteries around(for the camera too) just in case- they really last forever.hint- i got a water/air tight tupperware(a decent 1) just for my thermos & batteries.
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