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Hoping to learn!

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Howdy to all!

I am just starting out and I would like to say hi to everyone. I use a grill with a fire box and I have a verical smoker as well. I am open to anything and everything that ya'll have to say.
Looking forward to a great online time!
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Welcome to SMF! You'll get lots of great info here!
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Welcome to the site, you came to the right place.
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Welcome to the SMF. Sign up for Jeff's 5 day course, then just read the posts and dig around in past posts, virtually any thing you want to know, is here some where. icon_smile.gif
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Welcome SC -

There's so much stuff here you can read for a month and not read it all! ENjoy!
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Hello from Canada!
Welcome to the SMF!
Lots of great folks and info here.
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Welcome aboard the SMF!
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Good to have you. If you are looking for fun and to improve your skills a little, you sure came to the right place.

We love Q-Views, so your photography skills will get a workout too. LOL

Check out Jeff's 5 Day eCourse. It is a great place to start. And, ask all the questions you want to. There will always be someone ready to help out.

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Welcome to SMF, SC!! Don't know that I can add much to what has already been said. Make yourself at home! Glad you're with us!!
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Howdy to you too!. Weclcome to the SMF. Just by reading aroung this site, you'll learn plenty from the friendly members. Be sure ans checkout Jeff's 5 day ecourse, great reading and review too!
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Welcome to the SMF, set a spell and make yourself at home
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Welcome to the SMF!smile.gif
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Welcome to the smf, this is an excellent place to learn, and quite addictive too.
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Welcome.....this is the place....You'll do just fine !
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Welcome to the smf, there is a lot of great info here
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Welcome to the forum. Lots of friendly folks here who are more than willing to help and to share your adventures.
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SmokedCoastie welcome to SMF.

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welcome, Coastie! Keep poking around and you'll find it here. Or if not, We'll get it to ya. It's what everyone here does- and they do it VERY well!
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