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Murphy and the wind kickin' my butt!

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I'm sure glad my wife's out of town right now. The wind is so bad tonight, I've had to "farm engineer" a wind break. I was quite proud of it, but she would call it hill billy (to each his/her own).

The plywood and the old shower doors weren't enough; I had to use a fan to keep the firebox stoked:

Finally got the temperature to keep from bouncing around:

Here's the new servo arm. I added a more solid connecting arm (was a wire that kept bending):

Here's the grub (4 BB ribs, and 14 skinnies):
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Looks like an excellent application of "on the fly" engineering and problem resolution. The hallmark of a true knight.
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I hear ya on the wind Josh, I couldn't get the BBQ Grillware to even 200 degrees for 3 hrs yesterday, and it was sheltered from most all the wind? I think I'm gonna enclose my roof with sides and windows, kinda like what Mossy Mo has. icon_smile.gif The wind and rain is shreaking right now. Its 40 degrees, God knows what the wind chill is. icon_eek.gif Time for smoke shack mods.
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Geek,looks like you took care of business anyway.

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Yep, I agree. Yesterday I downloaded som CAD software that helps you design a bill of material on custom sheds. I'm just trying to see how big of a "dad's kitchen" I can afford! I can see this deal spinning out of control pretty quick!
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Nice engineering!! I could have used you up here in NE Nebraska today. Sounds like we had the same sort of weather you did. I just pulled my smoker inside the garage and left the garage door up.

Glad you got your set up to work and got some smokin' done. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Josh, when it comes to you, you MUST remember, "moneys no object" icon_biggrin.gif as long as your happy, thats all that matters. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Hillbilly!!! well it worked didn't it?? Thats some high tec stuff where I come from.
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You married Terry?
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Nice wind break. I really understand the frustration of wind. Dont understand the auto vent controll. To think I been doin it manually all this time. Obviously not a Chargriller option......
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Dam AJ, I don't even wanna know what that means. icon_eek.gif
P.S. please don't get that dag gone "Pigcicles" going again. icon_rolleyes.gif
Where the heck is the prayer smiley on this thing?? icon_redface.giftongue.gif
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Just wondering why those ribs are meat side down ... never seen that before? icon_redface.gif
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I had flipped them after the first hour because they fit better in the rib rack that way. I figured since the meat wasn't making direct contact with the cast iron grill grates, it probably didn't make too much of a difference.
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<taps chest> Nuthin' but luv N' respect Terry - besides someone else has taken up your bad habit of puttin the R in PigCicles PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Good Job Josh! We do what we gotta do right?
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Now that's creation on the fly. Nice use of your rib rack too! I can't afford a "Dad's Kitchen", but how about a Smoke Cave...
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Neat solution! I'm afraid I still have to regulate my CG the old fashioned way, with a gloved hand.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I just thought that they might dry out a bit ... so, how did they turn out?
Did you 3-2-1 or use a different method Josh?

BTW, I'm lovin' your control centre ... very cool!
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darn em, I tell ya what Joe, you need to put a Rodney Dangerfield clip in your sig line up, "you don't get no respect." icon_eek.gificon_razz.gif
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They were BB's, so I normally use about a "2-2-1". However, it turned into a "2.5-2-.75". The meat didn't pull back as fast as it normally does, so I did the first leg a little long. Foil time was the same, but I cut back on the last leg a bit because the glaze buildup looked good enough to stop. I experimented this time with cooking the glaze before hand. It reduced to about 75%, so was a little thicker to start (peaches, sugar, and honey.....lip smackin' goodness)

By the time the ribs had rested, I just wanted to get 'em chopped up and in the fridge (and then to bed), so no Q-view. Maybe I'll take some shots of the 1 bag that's left. Took the first bag (2 racks) to my Uncle this morning. Hope they had a nice lunch!
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