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Turkey Fatty

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After delays caused by my first cheese smoke experience which you can see here:

I only had time to throw on a fatty. Mixed some hot italain turkey sausage and ground turkey and stuffed it with low fat mozarella, cheddar and swiss. Added some sauteed apple , onion and sundried tomato as well some grilled chopped up portabello mushrooms with balsamic vinegar. Topped it off with some marinated roasted red peppers.

Now I am finally getting to sit down and enjoy a well deserved adult beverage.
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Wow ... I can't even begin to wrap my head around that many different flavors.... don't forget to tell us (honestly) how well it comes out!

I love your sense of adventure-ism! (Gee ... I hope that is a word)
Good luck friend!!!

Almost forgot .......... Cheers!!!
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sounds awesome- i never entertained the idea of apple w/ sausage untili had debi's tarts- but as every decent whole hog has an apple stuffed in it's mouth- oh well... it just sounds good- & cheers too.
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I can honestly says it is the best one I made yet. The addition of the marinated mushrooms gave it some nice moisture on the inside, and the roaast peppers on top basted it from the outside. Not dry at all which is remarkable considering it was made of turkey sausage and ground turkey which cut out about 70% of the fat. I think using a granny smith apple gave it more flavor then the macintosh I used last time.
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Looks great Ron! I like either real sour green apples or sweet delcious ones. Macs are my favorite for just eatting but they're to bland for spicy sausage.

I like the roasted red pepper idea. I usually put them on the inside. I gotta try that!
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THAT I WILL HAVE TO TRY!!!! It looks great and cant wait to try it out. Wife will not eat sausage period. She does love turkey though so I will be trying this out.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Glad you like the idea but be aware that there is sausage in this, it's just turkey sausage which is a lot leaner with a different texture. It's probably about 55% turkey sausage 45% ground turkey. You could change the amounts to give it less of a sausage taste. Of course if you take out too much then it starts tasting like a stuffed meatloaf which isn't half bad either. icon_smile.gif
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Nice job Ron ... got me thinking about doing pork sausage with apples and cheddar and ....... icon_wink.gif
Making a couple today myself .... garlic sausage, with mozzarella on one and old cheddar in the other, also mushrooms, onions, green and yellow peppers, seasoned with Chef Paul's 'Pizza & Pasta' Herbal Magic.
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My sombrero is off to you my friend, really nice Q Views! I like to see folks go out on the stretch to try something new, and you came out a winner!
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OMG... I am SOOO gonna do some of those! NICE!

And thanks for the help yesterday. I'm hoping for an update on the turkey redface.gif
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