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rub on turkey

new to the site....i've used the identical type of fourm setup before and there's usually a "post new thread" button. I didn't find I'm replying to another post to get on. Sorry!

In the past, I've smoked turkeys and chickens dominantly. For some additional learnings....i took the 5 day e-course on smoking and it was pretty useful. I noticed a section on rubs and was curious if that's more for use with red meat, etc. instead of turkeys since you usually take the skin off when eating a smoked turkey.....any thoughts on this. I'm looking to step up my smoke flavor without killing the bird in the smoker. so if a rub would help......i would do it. I'm just not sure if i would be removing all the hard work when i take the skin off. THanks!!!!!
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If you are on the page that lists the new threads, click on Forums in the menu bar. Then choose the Roll Call forum. There should be a "New Thread" button there for you.

Welcome to SMF!

If you do a search, there have been several threads lately on doing a thanksgiving turkey.
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Wow, an ABF... Atomic Buffalo Fatty... I like it! Hey Jeff, can we get this added to the acronym list...?! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Man that looks awsome! Wow, I am speechless!
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Good job hon! Have a chunk for me we don't have any jalepinos this week!
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Isnt a fatty/ABT combination called an Armadillo egg? When I make them I wrap each individual ABT in sausage. You made a grand daddy armadillo egg. They sure are good. How do you get the sausage into a perfect square like that?
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Amp -

If you brine then smoke your turkey o chicken at 300 to 375 (whatever you can manage) you don't have to toss the skin - it comes out nice and crispy!
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i rolled out a 2lb chub in an oiled gallon ziploc.
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page 12 of see the world smell the smoke,it was my original entry for the contest.
i guess great minds think alike ;)

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all i saw was 1 pic entitled "getting ready"
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but you read the post right?


p.s. i still have all the photos
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yeah- sorry i didn't know ya thought of it i think to just add rotels & scrambled egg & breakfast is done in 1 bug porky lovin' lump.
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hey i missed the original see the world post- i give ya all the credit but i would like to thank someone for the neg rep point.;
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I have done this and it is amazing. I have used Jalapenos, pablanos, anahiems, and roasted green chilli peppers. All have turned out fabulous...

For a different mix use ginger, thyme and fresh minced garlic. Be generous w/ the garlic.. You will be amazed...
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