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I have had them fried, grilled, and oven baked but never smoked. I got some today and want to try and smoke them tomorrow, has anybody got any ideas before I go and screw this up.
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I'd wrap them in bacon to keep them moist.smile.gif
Take pictures for us too!biggrin.gif
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What Cowgirl said. Consider a brine too. As with all poultry...
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Thanks ya'll, Patty your right I'll wrap them in bacon just for the flavor alone. Richtee I didn't think of a brine. Thanks for ya'lls input.
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RIP, like you, I have had quail all the above ways. Also, I have made a tray out of foil and placed the quail in this foil pan along with beer, onions, lemons, salt, pepper, garlic, etc., and a little ketchup. Just let them cook and every once in a while baste them with the sauce. Dove are pretty good done this way also. Just keep them at a temp that nearly has the juice bubling and cook them until the meat is falling off the bone.
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i like mine pan fried w/ flour,salt,pepper,fresh sage off the bush very little oil in a d.o. over a mesquite/pecan campfire w/ cold cervesa & squirt the lime over the quail right before you eat it- prairie seafood.
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