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Brisket rub time

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Does the brisket have to stay in the fridge overnight with the rub on it or can I rub and smoke it after resting with rub on for an hour?
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In my experience smoke away. But someone else will wait. Flip a coin.
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This topic will have varied opinions. The best way to know what you like best is to just try it both ways... It's all good
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Thanks again,
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I never let the rub set on the meat for more than a hour before landing on the smoker. useally rub,start smoker ,once it gets stabilized i load the meat.
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i have done it both ways, and i can't tell any difference. i rub and rest overnight if i can; otherwise rub and into the smoker in an hour. we eat it all either way.
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Yep that's about it.
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No right or wrong way. I saran wrap mine and let it set over night, but I have rubbed and smoked back to back. It is all good so whatever you choose should be to your liking. Have fun.
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I wrap mine and let it sit overnight too. For me, it mainly depends on how much time I have.
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