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Can I seperate the point from the flat prior to rub and smoke?

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I have a 7.5 pound brisket to smoke but my round vertical is only 15-1/2" in diameter. Can I seperate the point from the flat for the smoke? If so,how do I cut it without much damage to either? I still need to trim the fat too.
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I don't think their would be a problem but I never tried it.

I would cut with the grain to seperate it.
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Yep, sure. The flat may be done sooner. I dunno about the cutting with the grain, tho Youd have half flat half point... well, I guess it don't matter. Why ya cutting it? On edit...NOW I see why! But the roll idea works too. I usually cut full packers in half across the grain, flat and point seperate.
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If you look close and feel around a bit, you should see a very fatty area on a bias. If you cut through there, you should find it more manageable.
My very first brisket was a 3 to 4 lb, flat that the butcher had rolled and tied, which took up a lot less space on my ECB ... incidently it was sharing the same rack with a pork butt. Nice thing about a rolled point is slicing ... looked like a bunch of pacmen! icon_rolleyes.gif
One other thing, if you can scrunch it up on the grill to start, it will shrink.
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here is a great explanation here for what you want to do. It even has pictures

It is just part of her pastrami method but covers exactly what you want to do.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Assuming that it's a full packer-cut brisket, the answer is yes. I take them apart because I feel that seperated works better when doing the Smoky Okie method. Just follow the fat between the two as you go through. They are different muscles and will get done at different rates. Point has more marbleing and flat is slightly leaner. Stop with the heat at about 195 for slicing or 200-205 for pulling. I'm doing two this way on Monday...
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rather than decumbobulateing it, could you put a juice can under it to hump it up , i have seen folks do this with ribs that were longer than the dynameter of their smoker, typically a ECB.
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me no like words big LOL
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Aww roll with it old man... grin... rotate about your axis, Septagenarian! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Edit:Heck..I take that back. yer only 6 years older than me...Hahahaha sheesh1
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I followed the fat line and seperated it no problem. Thanks for the help people.

Thank you,
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